Yes! We are a fully licensed, legal dispensary.

ILegal cannabis is highly regulated and controlled, such that you always know exactly what you're getting (for example, each bite of a legal edible contains the exact same amount of cannabinoids, making it much easier to dose), where it came from, and that it's free from mould, pesticides, and other toxins. Read more about legal vs black market cannabis

We carry a wide range products at a variety of price point competitive with both the black market and the OCS. We carry several value brands at a very low price point as well as several higher end brands from smaller, craft producers.

Sorry, no, no one under the age of 19 is allowed inside the store. Our policy is to ID every customer, regardless of age.

Adults over the age of 19 may purchase up to 30 g of dried cannabis or its equivalent per transaction.

All products are final sale, with the exception of defective items, which may be returned with a receipt within 14 days of purchase.